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Jul 8, 2010 at 03:34PM
Image from Nike's United Countries of Baseball PrintPolitical campaign television advertising has a long and icky history. In contemporary times we’ve grown accustomed to the black and white footage to poorly portray the “other” guy as hard “facts” are drilled into our ear canals. While sadly effective, it usually makes the viewer feel as if they’ve just been given a full body lick from someone who hasn’t brushed their teeth in eight months. Well there have been some new entries into the genre, and they aren’t necessarily running for office. They’re running for roster spots.

The 2010 Major League Baseball All Star Game is next Tuesday, July 13th and while the teams have already been filled out from a mix of fan votes and manager decisions, a couple of spots are up in the air. Starting in 2002, MLB began the All Star Final Vote where the fans could choose from a list of finalist for the final spot for both the National and American League. While most teams have done a decent job of campaigning for the final spot on behalf of the candidates through website callouts and scoreboard signage, the players have yet to really grasp the opportunity themselves. Until now.

Nick Swisher of the New York Yankees, a man with an almost irritating wealth of personality, has eagerly taken his own fate into his hands using the means at his immediate disposal: Youtube.

The Swisher Campaign Spot:

Not to be outdone by the Empire State basher, Boston Red Sox fans, and more accurately beardoftruth.com, have chosen to respond on behalf of 3rd basemen Kevin Youkilis with a little more humor, wit and style.

The Response From The Youkilis Camp:

It’ll be interesting to watch the evolution of this vote and other sports related fan votes to see what forms of media and creative outlets the athletes take advantage of in the future. One gets the feeling that this is merely the beginning.

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