356. Guinness Factory Tour.
Oct 28, 2011 at 12:32PM

If you go to Ireland, you must go to Dublin, and if you go to Dublin, you must go to the Guinness Factory. Besides the obvious draw of drinking a Guinness as close to the source as possible, the factory tour is a top-notch experience featuring seven floors of exhibits. By walking along this self-guided experience, you learn about the ingredients, process, history, marketing, and industry behind the dark beer. But what I marveled at was their success in making the typeface, Impact, look good along the tour. (Somewhat kidding here.) I thought I would share a few snaps from my recent trip in case you can't make it across the pond.

The old brewery gate with the vintage Guinness logotype:

The whole experienced, designed as a huge pint-glass:

The message on this barrel/wall is my favorite:

That's a lot of Guinness:

They pretty much own St. Patrick's Day:

An unflattering pic of me explaining the brewing process to passersby:

There was an entire floor dedicated to Guinness advertising history:

The cooperage was one of my favorite parts of the tour:

The Guinness Guiding Principle:

Copper Tank Capacity:

This was hidden in a corner behind a presentation screen?!?

After the tour, you believe it too:

One of the many views at the top of the tour:

Your fresh pint at the end. Well, mine not yours.

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