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360. State Flags are Ugly. Until Now. 

During a recent Facebook conversation that somehow rambled onto the topic of state flags, and after me posting a large image of all our state flags, it dawned on me: our flags by and large are an ugly mess. I decided that I could do something about this, and went off to do a little searching. The cool thing about the flags are that they are symbols full of history and meaning and substance, the bad thing is that almost all of them are visually stuck in the 1800s for no real reason at all. Over the next few months, or however long it takes, I'm going to give myself about an hour to redesign each one.

I'm not the first to attempt this. Fellow blogger Andy Rash, started a similar project over at the hilariously titled, "Your State Flag Stinks." However, it looks like it's been awhile and since he hasn't picked it up yet, and because I don't quite agree with everything he's done, I'm going to give it a shot.

Andy did post this image, which I think proves a point even though I would argue that the South Carolina flag doesn't belong. The point being: they all look alike, which seems to be the exact opposite of what you'd want in a state banner. 

And just in case you can't remember what they all look alike, because well, it's been awhile since elementary school, here they are:

Personally, just because I think 90% or more need to be redesigned, doesn't mean that I think it's right to toss out all the history behind each flag. I will attempt in some way, either directly or implied, to honor the past while reaching towards something more contemporary. We're going to go alphabetically rather than chronologically (when the state entered the union.) I'm not sure why other than the fact that I get to decide and as a kid I remember signing this song as fast as I could for many years. It doesn't hold up well, alas. In the process of this project, I hope to share a little information, a little history, and a bit about myself until we reach 50 fully re-articulated state banners, counting a select few that will remain intact. 

Perhaps one day, you'lll see one of these flying about your state capital, who knows? Tomorrow, we begin with Alabama. Not the easiest one with which to begin, but nobody said this was going to be easy.

One other cool project, in a similar vein, is this collection of designer state mottos. That should get you all fired  up.

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