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328. Ad of the Week: Goodyear's More Driven. 

I know it may seem contrary to what most think, but I'd rather write about work that I like than critique work that I don't. It's simply more fun. So while some work needs to have the bright light of reason shown upon it (see post #326 below), other good work can go somewhat unacknowledged in the major press. Awhile back I wrote about how Kraft was marketing like the category leader they are and how the branding confidence they have shown is harder to find these days. (One needs to look no farther than Groupon who has 'pulled' their ad campaign they aired during the Super Bowl. Sure, some people were offended because of the punch-lines, but I was offended because they weren't very good. The only thing that makes it worse is that they show no confidence in themselves and very little self-respect by pulling the ads. How can consumers feel good about a company that is so uncertain? They can't. See not everything Crispin Porter touches turns to gold.) Stick to your guns, friends.

Back to the point, it appears that we may have another Kraft on our hands. A few weeks ago during their annual dealers conference, Goodyear Tires announced a new branding campaign called, More Driven. Developed by Austin, TX-based GSD&M, the campaign demonstrates the confidence we appreciate from companies, especially those who rule a category and hope to do so into the future. The spots and print feature a new take on the famous Wingfoot icon, replacing the Good*Year logotype with two-word headlines that scream attitude and the street-cred that few can match. You don't even need the Goodyear logo at the end/bottom, because you know from whom this message is coming. Ad design, writing and branding all wrapped up into one neat little trick. And this trick works to a soundtrack of rock and roll and to visuals of smoke, curvy roads and icons from the world of speed. 

Goodyear More Driven Experts:

It's no accident that a lot of these ads are debuting around the start of the NASCAR season and its biggest race, the Daytona 500. Goodyear is the official tire supplier for the sport and has been as long as I have been watching. (There was a time when Hoosier was heavily involved among others, but that's ancient history now.) The big race may not quite get Super Bowl attention, but there are a lot of eyes on this spectacle too. And those eyes like cars and those cars need tires.

Cheating The Two Word Setup to Good Effect:

More Driven replaces the former tagline Get There and focuses on all the innovation and expertise the 113 year old company uses to supply specialty industries and experts - and how that translates into a superior consumer product. But it's more than just semantics. What makes this new campaign more powerful is the attitude with which it is presented. The work stands tall, talks proudly and almost struts as it delivers it's message. It simply has more energy than what has been running over the last few years. The agency says this about the new work, "The More Driven campaign tells the story of the many experts that choose Goodyear when it really matters and that what Goodyear learns making those tires goes into the ones they make for the demands of everyday driving.

Goodyear More Driven Proving Ground:

Notice all the little details on how the supers are treated in that above spot? Really nice, although subtle, post work was done by Logan, a Santa Monica production company known for its work for Apple, Nike, VW & Reebok – as well as many music videos and the opening credits for Zombieland. The rockin' sound design was produced by Singing Serpent and the sound effects by LA-based Mophonics.

Goodyear More Driven Print Sample:

The tire company is playing to their strength here, showcasing their expertise and having fun while doing it. In short they're acting like a leader. This is an approach that is at once classic but forward-looking. It's easy to see how this campaign and the use of their 'identity as message' could run for a long, long time and still be relevant. And the tire business is no fluff category as you have a lot of people to please and a lot of stake-holders to convince—the least of which are writers of a small ad blog, but good work guys & gals. Confident work is a joy to watch.

Goodyear More Driven Action Hero:

(Thanks to agency GCD, Luke Sullivan and Account Director, Nicole Locke for the generosity of additional information and time spent answering my questions.)

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The Saint Bernard picture is one of the best ideas I've seen for a tire promotion. Truly unique and an instant classic.
February 27, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSteve

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