345. Ad of the Week: Beck's Green Box Project. 
Jul 11, 2011 at 12:04PM

This one will be interesting, especially after some time to develop and mature - but it has great potential. Becks, the first brewer to protect their beer behind green glass, has started a commission supporting augmented reality art around the world called the Green Box Project. Using an iPhone app—called The Key—users will be given access to a growing number of virtual art installations that showcase independent talent, something the brand has been doing for awhile now through their Art Lable Initiative (currently celebrating its 25th anniversary. The project is a partnership between the brewer, agency Mother London and independent artists from design, music, fashion and general art. These categories are referred to as the four passion points for their average customer. (Marketing talk, gotta love it.)

The Green Box Project:

The Key:

What makes these installations (up to 1,000 eventually) interesting, is that fact that they don't exist in the physical space - but must be opened via augmented reality when you are standing close to the virtual green boxes in reality. You check in with the app, and then experience the art. Not totally original in concept, but very intriguing in scale and setup. For the project launch on July 4th, artist Arne Qiunze gave the Statue of Liberty's torch a flame that could be seen through your smartphone. It looked something like this:

Currently on the project's site, only 18 of the artists are listed but anyone can submit a proposal for funding in the four areas mentioned above. If approved by the board, the artist will be given funding to bring their project to life, for a 2012 release around the globe. Let's keep an eye on this one over the next year or so.

The Fund:


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