354. Ad of the Week: Wheetabix
Sep 22, 2011 at 12:32PM

This ad has everything I hate. Music that is trying too hard. Kids that are oddly adult-like. Lots of the hip and the hop dancing. And last but not least anthropomorphic stuffed animals. But somehow this spot for Spoonsize (as opposed to what exactly is unclear) Chocolate Wheetabix just makes me laugh. I think it has to do with the bellies on the bears, which seem to have the same physical properties of our local beloved SF Giant's mascot Lou Seal. (See the bottom video.)

From the official YouTube page, "The new ad stars nine-year old UK Streetdance phenomenon Arizona Snow, 'popping', 'locking' and 'tutting' her way through a high energy street dance routine in her bedroom. The track is 'A New World' by Mord Fustang." Cute Mord, I see what you've done there with your name. Make that another thing overcome by this spot, produced by BBH.

Wheetabix Chocolate Spoonsize - Dancer:

Now, you may have seen this elsewhere, but have you seen the making of? Honestly, at this point, they should have aired the making of, and had the actual ad go viral. Maybe that's new ground for one of my projects, what would be viral is the ad, and what is the ad is the viral. This is gold, people, gold. Anyway, pretty cool peek into how this went down. 

Behind the Scenes:

Lou Seal Gets Down to Cypress Hill:

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