386. Ad of the Week. Rainforest Alliance.
Oct 25, 2012 at 09:54AM

I do appreciate a little honesty in my advertising and was just talking to the team here at Moses about how courageous it is when our clients opt for more honesty in their communication. I truly believe that a little transparency, awareness and a connection to what is going on in a person's mind (heart?) and the world at large always makes for more compelling and effective work.

The Rainforest Alliance has made that connection in their latest short-film / long-ad called Follow the Frog. They recognize that a lot of us are good people but feel powerless to help some of the causes we believe in, and have a lot of guilt because of it. The spot uses that truth, entertains and then gives us something small we all can do to further their cause: promoting sustainable forestry and conservation.

The creative contains a few similarities to the Dish Network's recent campaign (below) but is done better, more honestly, and with more purpose behind it. I probably would have cut a good 30 seconds out of the middle, but otherwise it's a pretty nice PSA that's worth sharing.

Rainforest Alliance Follow The Frog:

The great thing about the creatives is that it gives us an easy, doable solution to a big problem. The storytelling is good, the production quality professional, and I definitely appreciate that they didn't create the work in a vacuum. It answers the current mindset of a lot of people. Well done.

(Boing Boing lists the credits as written and directed by Max Joseph; and produced by Aaron Weber from Wander.)

Dish Networks Recent Spot as Reference:

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