382. Gibson Beer.
Jun 20, 2012 at 11:21AM

It sure is nice when you can post about something your friend is doing. Fellow Brandcenter grad and art director Brian Gibson has just brewed a batch of beer as a personal project. He claims that there are laws against shipping some out to Arizona—so I haven't tasted the beer—but I have seen the packaging and it's a pretty handsome set of bottles.

For me, the design achieves something that is often attempted but seldom accomplished. A clean, simple design system that still feels sophisticated and nuanced. I love the different bottles for the different styles and the color palettes for each are perfect. Again, the only thing missing is having a bottle to try out the contents. Good news for you — I believe Brian is looking for a gig, so if you have an opening you might want to invite him to an interview. Maybe he'll bring one of his bottles for you to try out along with his portfolio, which you can view here.

Good work, my man.

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