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111. Moderately Secret Shots from Cannes.

cannes.jpgYou're not supposed to take photos of the work inside Cannes, but that didn't stop a rebellious studio artist that I once supervised – now living and working in Rome – from doing so and then sending them to me. She knows who she is (Thanks Pete!) The photos are not great but I thought everyone would appreciate seeing some of the work from this year's festival a littler sooner rather than later. (Even if you have to squint while trying to read some of them.) Do keep in mind that there are a few past winners in here and that this by no means is an exhaustive listing. They're just random shots of the work taken by a young creative who was enjoying the festival for the first time. This is the stuff that caught her eye.


110. Ad of the Week.

voyeur.jpgAs you know this post is almost never weekly and sometimes it's not even an ad, but the link for this 'week' comes from the launch of HBO's new project called voyeur – "a multimedia experience that gives you a peek into what happens behind the countless windows we pass everyday." This project was introduced to me by a good friend who works for Atmosphere BBDO in New York which partnered with HBO on the interactive and marketing end of things. The website is one of the more immersive and entertaining environments I think I've seen. You can't help spend a lot of time taking a peek and getting involved in the characters' lives... which is the whole point. This project can also be viewed via HBO on Demand, and includes a film component as well as a blog ( to reveal behind the scenes content as well as additional character info. It seems to be part tv show, part website, part HBO marketing, and part online community. And I think it's the future of entertainment. And advertising. The content is definitely HBO-esque while the design of the site is quite pleasing. It's simple, intuitive and lets the storytelling lead the way.


109. A Brand I Like. And Why.

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snapper.jpgStarting what I hope to be a regular feature on graphicology, I'm profiling a brand that is currently making decisions that I think are worth celebrating. Some of these may be strictly design, but I imagine that most will take more of a macro-view about the company and its good behavior. Here's the first.

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108. Atkinson Sign Painting.

AtkinsonThis is great. The ACD here at Erwin-Penland let me borrow this fantastic book on sign painting, "Atkinson Sign Painting - A Complete Manual / Self Educational." It is truly a find. It contains lessons on materials and process, many examples of signs and hand crafted advertisements, as well as my favorite - about seventy 'alphabets.' This particular book (from 1915) is not in great shape and I'm currently searching for my own copy. I've posted a few pictures so you can get a feel for the content, after the jump.

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107. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Design?

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toolboxWhat a great topic on which to begin the first article of the new Graphicology. That is, whether the name itself - or more specifically the title of what we do – is it even accurate? Is being called a graphic designer an outdated term? Is it limiting? Does it have the wrong connotation? Should we consider a new title that will assist us in regaining our reputation and foothold in the business world?

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